Orthopaedic Surgeon Bruce Steinberg, MD, Announces Groundbreaking Research Published Internationally

On February 7, 2011, Bruce Steinberg, M.D., of Jacksonville Orthopaedic Institute, along with co-authors, Ryan Riel, M.D., Marshal Armitage, M.D., and Hudson Berrey, M.D., of the University of Florida Department of Orthopaedic Surgery and Rehabilitation, Shands Jacksonville, were honored to have their article, which describes ground-breaking medical research, accepted for publication. The paper, Quantitative muscle hardness as a noninvasive means for detecting patients at risk of compartment syndromes, was accepted for publication by Physiological Measurement. This international, peer-review publication is described as follows: A journal for sensors, instrumentation and systems in physiology and medicine.

Physiological Measurement covers the quantitative assessment and visualization of physiological function in clinical research and practice, with an emphasis on the development of new methods of measurement and their validation. Dr. Steinberg and his co-authors report on a benchmark clinical study validating quantitative muscle hardness and a device developed by Dr. Steinberg. In general, the device can be used to evaluate limb swelling, limb pain, muscle tone and muscle spasm. The device can aid in the evaluation of medical conditions, such as limb edema, limb trauma, cellulitis, infections (abscess), hematoma, insect bites, snake bites, allergic reactions, contusions, stroke, cerebral palsy, paralysis, contractures, muscle strains, and muscle ruptures. There is demonstrated interest and excitement by the medical community for this device because it is non-invasive and shows great promise in providing additional and enhanced diagnostic information for physicians.

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