Orthopedic Specialist Dr. Bruce Steinberg’s Treatment Philosophy

Over the years, Dr. Steinberg has developed certain principles that he feels are extremely important for the treatment of his patients. He believes that adhering to these philosophies allows him to provide the highest level of medical care.

For every patient, the treatment starts with the recommendation of a conservative approach that may include home therapy, anti-inflammatory medications and possibly, injections. If these measures fail to resolve the condition, the last option is surgical intervention. Dr. Steinberg personally discusses the risks and benefits and many times will draw an anatomical picture describing the surgical procedure proposed.

From the beginning to the end of treatment, the patient will be seen by Dr. Steinberg. All diagnostic and treatment decisions will be determined by him. While Dr. Steinberg has multiple medical assistants who help him to carry out his medical care, he does not rely upon a physician’s assistant to see the patient in lieu of seeing him. This takes more time from Dr. Steinberg for each patient, but he feels strongly that every decision, including something as simple as removing sutures, should have his involvement. Over the years, he has learned that patients appreciate this level of attention to detail.

Dr. Steinberg maintains a close working relationship with physical and occupational therapists. A personalized rehabilitation program is designed for each patient with the aid of a therapist. Communication between the therapist and the doctor is on a frequent, sometimes daily, basis. While there are protocols for the treatment of a specific diagnosis, each patient has a personalized program designed for him or her to account for the uniqueness for each problem that is presented. With this level of involvement, Dr. Steinberg has found that patients’ outcomes are significantly improved with the minimal amount of rehabilitation/therapy visits. In addition, if problems do arise, they can be addressed immediately.

Dr. Steinberg performs all of his surgeries at the Baptist Medical Center, either inpatient or at the outpatient center located at JOI San Marco. He served as Chief of the Orthopedic Surgery Department from 2004-2007 during which time he helped develop the protocols that are followed in both the outpatient center and inpatient hospital.

Dr. Steinberg takes great pride in providing exceptional medical care and welcomes new patients to his practice.