Dr. Gary Bowers Selected This Skilled Orthopedic Surgeon for His Carpal Tunnel Surgery

As a well-regarded general surgeon here in Jacksonville, Gary Bowers, M.D., knows the importance of having the most expert person possible operating on you. “I knew that with a skilled surgeon who was able to perform the surgery endoscopically, which would mean a smaller incision, I would have a good outcome and relatively quick recovery. My advice to anyone who is having symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome is to get a consultation. There’s no need to suffer with numbness, tingling, or pain, especially when the endoscopic carpal tunnel release is a relatively easy surgery from which to recover.” Many years ago, Dr. Bowers suffered with carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms in his right wrist, but admits that he let it linger for too long prior to seeking treatment. “When it got to the point where it felt like a hot poker in my wrist, I knew I needed to tend to it.” At that point, because the condition had persisted so long, performing the surgery endoscopically was not an option. He had the surgery and did not have any problems with his outcome, although he does have a several inch long scar extending from his palm down his wrist.

Seven years later, Dr. Bowers began waking up in the middle of the night with numbness in his left hand. “I was immediately cognizant of what was happening because I had been down that road before and knew where it was going to end. With the history of my right hand, it was not going to resolve on its own and was going to get worse. I decided that this time, I would not wait to have the surgery. I figured if I took care of it sooner rather than later, it would be able to be done endoscopically, which would mean a quicker and easier recovery than an open carpal tunnel release.”

Earlier Dr. Bowers had been asked by a friend, who also suffered with carpal tunnel syndrome, who she should consult for her condition. He asked colleagues, and Bruce Steinberg, M.D., expert in upper extremities, was mentioned time and again. He referred his friend, and she had a good experience. “A short time later, when I decided I needed to move forward with my left side, I again asked the people in the ORs who they would go to if they needed this surgery. As before, Dr. Steinberg’s name was mentioned repeatedly.” He met with Dr. Steinberg, who suggested that Dr. Bowers first undergo a nerve conduction test. “He wasn’t hard-sell in any way, nor was he quick to want to operate. He was very matter-of-fact, wanting to ensure an accurate diagnosis and most appropriate course of action.”

Dr. Steinberg did, in fact, diagnose Dr. Bowers with carpal tunnel syndrome and determined that an endoscopic carpal tunnel release was the best option. He performed the surgery on Dr. Bowers’ left side, with complete success.

Dr. Bowers says that he is happy to continue to recommend Dr. Steinberg. “My experience with him was extremely positive. I found him to be easy-going, yet at the same time professional and knowledgeable. While my livelihood is dependent upon my ability to use my hands, I would encourage anyone who is having pain or functionality issues with their upper extremities to meet with Dr. Steinberg.”

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– Dr. Gary Bowers