Jacksonville Orthopedic Doctor Bruce Steinberg Treats Patients Suffering From Elbow Arthritis

Joe Schmalzried, an active, “always on the go” kind of guy, participates in athletics and enjoys working at a golf course. Unfortunately, several years ago he suffered a radial head fracture of his right elbow after a 22 foot fall. Since the time of that injury, he experienced ongoing problems with his right elbow but the discomfort was never enough to prevent him from participating in the sports he loves. That is, until one day while doing yard work, his right elbow locked up. The pain was great enough that Mr. Schmalzried could barely move his arm. “I’m the kind of guy who likes to be busy; golf and bowling are some of my favorite activities. However, after my elbow locked up, the pain kept me from doing much of anything.”

It was at this time that Mr. Schmalzried went to see Bruce Steinberg, M.D. Upon examination and testing, Dr. Steinberg diagnosed Mr. Schmalzried with loose bodies in the right elbow as well as arthritis throughout the elbow joint. Dr. Steinberg recommended a right elbow arthroscopy.

“With the elbow problems, I have seen a lot of doctors over the years. Dr. Steinberg handled our meeting just right. He broke down my condition and the procedure into simple layman’s terms. I understood what he was saying and how it related to my body. I also knew what to expect after the surgery.”

Fortunately, Mr. Schmalzried recovered quickly, and he did not require any physical therapy. He has been able to resume and enjoy all of his normal activities. “Dr. Steinberg gave me new life in the elbow. I have complete range of motion in the arm, and anything I ask it to do, it does.” Mr. Schmalzried continues to say that he could not be more satisfied with the care he received from Dr. Steinberg. “The outcome was much better than I ever expected. I am 110% happy with the operation and I gladly recommend Dr. Steinberg to anyone who needs an exceptional orthopaedic surgeon--one who is skilled, both in the operating room and also in communicating with patients.”

– Joe Schmalzried