Rheumatologist Recommended Wrist Surgeon Dr. Steinberg Performs Hand and Wrist Reconstructive Surgery

Mrs. Bonnie B. has dealt with rheumatoid arthritis for more than 20 years. While she does not complain about her pain, the disease has not been easy. “Function is all relative. I don’t feel sorry for myself, and if I have to get things done differently than most everyone else, that’s ok. I figure out a way to get it done.” This attitude is exemplified in the way she creatively devised a method for affixing and releasing the clip on her grandson’s car seat when she drove him to preschool. She found a pair of blue-handled needle-nosed pliers that were bent at an angle that fit perfectly into the buckle. Her grandson would even ask her, “Do you have the blue thing?”

Prior to moving here in 1996, Mrs. B. had undergone surgeries related to her condition. She knew that with the progressive nature of the disease, it was key that she find medical professionals who could provide her with excellent ongoing care. She considers herself extremely fortunate that her rheumatologist referred her to Bruce Steinberg, M.D., specialist in upper extremities. She is able to laugh about the fact that she has been a multi-year patient of Dr. Steinberg’s and will continue to be. “I’m guessing that most people see their orthopaedic surgeons a couple of times to fix a particular problem. For someone like me who has rheumatoid arthritis, I knew this was going to be a long-term doctor-patient relationship.” It was important that Mrs. B. find someone with whom she could have a comfortable rapport.

“While I was able to find a way to function, Dr. Steinberg has always been proactive in performing my operations. He was mindful that the joint replacements he performed needed to be done while there was still enough bone mass to make the procedures viable.” She continues to say that with her, Dr. Steinberg is always thinking about the future and providing her every opportunity for continued function later. “He’s trying to position me best for what’s ahead.”

Mrs. B. has happily referred others to Dr. Steinberg. “He knows his stuff and there’s never any question about it.” She has always felt that her long-term well-being was important to him. “I have been a patient of Dr. Steinberg’s for many years. During that time he has performed multiple surgeries on me. He is accessible and thorough. He will spend as much time with me as necessary, and I never feel like he has one foot out the door. Most importantly, he is extraordinarily competent. What matters most is that my doctor knows what he’s doing. It is an added bonus that Dr. Steinberg finds a way to make the experience pleasant. With him, you’re getting the whole package, a heck of a nice guy who is an expert at what he does. I appreciate him and the care he has provided me over the years.”

– Bonnie B.