After Shoulder Surgery for Arthritis Pain, George Can Enjoy Combing His Hair and Throwing a Ball

George Lewis attended each appointment with his wife, Mary Ann, when she was a patient of Bruce Steinberg, M.D. He watched as Dr. Steinberg progressed through treating Mrs. Lewis' severely broken wrist. For years, Mr. Lewis had been experiencing his own pain, in his case, with the right shoulder. “Nearly 12 years ago I fell off the back of a pickup truck and broke my wrist. I think there probably was some damage done to the shoulder but it was not treated at the time.” Ever since that accident, Mr. Lewis’ shoulder has not been the same. Six years ago he underwent shoulder surgery; unfortunately, it brought him little long-term relief. “I’m not exactly sure what occurred, but I certainly continued to have pain. I assumed that nothing further could be done to help me.”

As he witnessed the superior care his wife received from Dr. Steinberg, however, Mr. Lewis became convinced that if anyone could help him, it would be Dr. Steinberg. “Mary Ann was in a pretty bad way when she saw him. Dr. Steinberg always treated her with respect, and was much attuned to her. We understand her injury was very complex, but he fixed it. I wanted to see if he could do something for me as well.” At that point Mr. Lewis was experiencing progressively worse pain and limited functionality including an inability to perform simple tasks such as combing his hair or throwing a ball.

Upon examination and testing, Dr. Steinberg diagnosed Mr. Lewis with arthritis of the glenohumeral joint and performed a right shoulder hemiarthoplasty. Mr. Lewis required physical therapy and was so pleased with his wife’s therapist that he also wanted to undergo his therapy at the rehabilitation department of JOI. The physical therapist attended Mr. Lewis’ appointments with Dr. Steinberg to review progress. Mr. Lewis was grateful as he found that if he couldn’t adequately describe a particular challenge, the therapist was able to do so.

Occasionally Mr. Lewis needed to call into the office regarding another medical condition and how it might impact his shoulder surgery recovery. “Everyone on Dr. Steinberg’s staff was kind and caring. At times when I called in with questions, the office staff was responsive. I know that to have a staff that runs as efficiently and well as Dr. Steinberg’s, it begins at the top. It starts by him setting the right example. Due to my previous experience with shoulder surgery, I never thought I would be able to get the improvement that I have achieved. Thankfully, Dr. Steinberg proved to me just how successful an outcome can be when the patient is in the hands of the right doctor and team.”

– George Lewis