Mary Selected Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Steinberg to Repair Her Wrist Injury

The instant Mary Ann Lewis fell, she knew that her right wrist was badly injured. “It was immediately apparent that something was very wrong. While the pain was not excruciating, it didn’t look good; it was deformed, like everything was out of place.” Fortunately, Mrs. Lewis thought clearly enough to use her left hand to stabilize the injured wrist. Her husband took her to the Emergency Room where she was put into a temporary cast. A week later, Mrs. Lewis saw Bruce Steinberg, M.D., for further assessment. “I was thrilled to get an appointment with him. A friend and her mother had both been patients of Dr. Steinberg, and they raved about the excellent care they received. I knew that if I had to have an operation on my wrist, I wanted Dr. Steinberg to be my surgeon.”

Dr. Steinberg determined that the fracture of the right distal radius was very severe and required a multi-faceted surgery. While Mrs. Lewis did not relish the idea of surgery, she knew she would be well-cared for. “Dr. Steinberg was compassionate and continuously expressed concern for my well-being.” She recounts that during preparation for her surgery, Dr. Steinberg asked if she would like to have the temporary cast removed prior to undergoing anesthesia. “I was so impressed that Dr. Steinberg gave me the option. He knew I was very frightened of moving my wrist at all, and I appreciated that what I wanted was important to him, as well.”

Physical therapy was critical to Mrs. Lewis’ recovery. “ I had to work hard but I was determined . I just wanted to get better so I knew I had to follow the therapist’s instructions to the letter.” At the first appointment following Mrs. Lewis’ surgery, Dr. Steinberg had the hand/upper extremity therapist participate in the meeting. Mrs. Lewis finds this extremely impressive. “I always felt like we were a team: Dr. Steinberg, my physical therapist and me. I knew that together, we were going to be successful. “

Mrs. Lewis notes that prior to her injury, she took for granted the ability to perform simple tasks. “You just don’t realize how important it is to have function of a hand until the time that you do not. Activities like fixing hair or applying make-up is extremely difficult and took much longer.” She continues to say that she would gladly recommend Dr. Steinberg to anyone. “He was compassionate; he was straight-forward, and I always felt that he wanted what was in my best interest.”

– Mary Ann Lewis