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Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical approach for treating problems of joints. A fiberoptic camera is introduced into a joint through a small puncture, “portal”. Through a second working “portal,” the surgeon can use instruments to clean (debride) damaged tissue, as well as more advanced techniques for tissue and bone repair. Dr. Steinberg has vast experience with arthroscopy having performed over 1,500 advanced shoulder arthroscopic procedures.

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How does one say thank you for providing the treatment, the procedure that totally eliminated 12-14 years of pain before I would have been old enough to qualify for a full-shoulder replacement with an artificial shoulder? How does one say thank you for giving me my arm back? | Read Full Testimonial »

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Endoscopic carpal tunnel release

Carpal tunnel syndrome is the most common source of numbness and tingling of the hand. Increased pressure on the median nerve within the narrow carpal tunnel at the wrist causes the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. While the mainstay of treatment is non-operative (i.e. rest, splinting, injection), surgery is an option when these remedies fail. Dr. Steinberg has vast experience in this area having performed over 3,000 carpal tunnel procedures. Single incision endoscopic carpal tunnel surgery allows for a minimally invasive, safe procedure without creating an incision on the sensitive palmar skin. Patients who have undergone bilateral carpal tunnel operations have routinely preferred endoscopic carpal tunnel release over the conventional open release, with most patients returning to work and activities sooner.

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As a well-regarded general surgeon here in Jacksonville, Gary Bowers, M.D., knows the importance of having the most expert person possible operating on you. “I knew that with a skilled surgeon who was able to perform the surgery endoscopically, which would mean a smaller incision, I would have a good outcome and relatively quick recovery. My advice to anyone who is having symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome is to get a consultation. There’s no need to suffer with numbness, tingling, or pain, especially when the endoscopic carpal tunnel release is a relatively easy surgery from which to recover.” | Read Full Testimonial »

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Medical doctors refer to broken bones as fractures. Fractures where the bones are still aligned (nondisplaced) can be treated without surgical intervention. When fractures are displaced and require surgery, advanced techniques have been developed using titanium implants that maintain the alignment of the fracture while it is healing. These implants speed up recovery, healing, and ultimate function. Dr. Steinberg has treated thousands of upper extremity fractures.

After 20 years in the military, Sergeant 1st Class Malcolm Bradford has served active duty in places like Iraq and Somalia. “As a soldier, I’ve seen everything you can possibly imagine”. So when his motorcycle slipped on some sand as he was rounding a curve one day, he didn’t think his injury was much more than a dislocated shoulder. “It’s true that the bike fell on my left arm and I couldn’t move it at all. But I’m an active person who’s tough and use to punishing my body. I guess at first it was just the adrenaline that kept me going.” However, it wasn’t long before Sgt. 1st Class Bradford learned that his injuries were much worse. | Read Full Testimonial »

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Joint replacement surgery

Joint replacement surgery is a procedure in which part or all of an arthritic joint surface is removed and replaced with an implant. Many techniques and technologies have been developed to help improve the longevity and function of these implants. One of the most commons areas of joint replacement surgery is performed at the base of the thumb, the first carpometacarpal (CMC) joint. In this case, the arthritic joint is removed and a living tendon is used to create a sling and a cushion that allows for pain relief and function for a lifetime. (To learn more about Thumb Arthritis). Dr. Steinberg has vast experience with this procedure having performed over 400 of them. Other areas of joint replacement surgery advancement include the shoulder. A new prosthesis has been developed that works without the need of the all important rotator cuff muscle tendon unit. In addition, in the elbow, there are new resurfacing procedures that use tissue membrane as opposed to metal and plastic joint replacements.

Carolyn Whorton assumed that the progressive pain and loss of function she was experiencing with her left shoulder was merely “a part of getting older”. Sleeping comfortably became more difficult and she experienced increased “clicking and popping” of her shoulder. It wasn’t until the pain became unrelenting that she decided to make an appointment with a doctor to try and obtain some relief. Unfortunately, the conservative course of treatment attempted to help Mrs. Whorton was not enough. At this point, she was referred to Bruce Steinberg, M.D. | Read Full Testimonial »

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Microvascular surgery

When injury or disease involves nerves, vessels, tendons and the skin, a microvascular surgeon is trained in using the microscope to either repair or reconstruct these structures. Many times, sutures that are difficult to see with the naked eye are used under the high powered microscope to repair lacerations of vessels and nerves. Some disorders such as Dupuytren’s disease form contractures with disease tissue surrounding nerves and vessels that require surgical excision with the utmost of precision using a high powered operating microscope. As a trained microvascular surgeon, Dr. Steinberg has treated many patients in this sub-specialty.

As someone who runs a Physician’s Assistant Company, Paul Smith knows the difference between medical care that is good and medical care that is excellent. So when Mr. Smith began having problems with his elbow, he turned to professional colleagues to find where he could best be helped with his condition. “I asked around and consistently received the same recommendation. Everyone I spoke with suggested I see Dr. Steinberg. They said that he knows everything about the upper extremities, and if anyone could help me, he could.” | Read Full Testimonial »

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