Paul is Back to Golf After Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Steinberg Performed Tennis Elbow Surgery

As someone who runs a physician’s assistant company, Paul Smith knows the difference between medical care that is good and medical care that is excellent. So when Mr. Smith began having problems with his elbow, he turned to professional colleagues to find where he could best be helped with his condition. “I asked around and consistently received the same recommendation. Everyone I spoke with suggested I see Dr. Steinberg. They said that he knows everything about the upper extremities, and if anyone could help me, he could.”

Mr. Smith has been athletic most of his life; he enjoys activities like fishing and is an avid golfer. However, it got to the point where after a day of exercise, he would experience pain at night. “I play a lot of golf and it is one of the great things about living in Jacksonville. When it got to the point where it hurt me to do so, I knew I needed to get some help.”

Upon examination and testing, Bruce Steinberg, M.D. diagnosed Mr. Smith with tennis elbow that required surgery. Dr. Steinberg explained that there were two options in performing the operation, either arthroscopically or via a traditional “open” surgery. “Dr. Steinberg told me that he believed it was in my best interest not to have the surgery done arthroscopically. He explained, in great detail, my specific situation, the differences between the two procedures, and why he advocated the ‘open’ approach.” Mr. Smith readily admits that he was initially reluctant to go the traditional route; he understood that his recuperation would be longer, and he was anxious to recover. However, Dr. Steinberg was most interested that Mr. Smith be able to achieve the best possible outcome. “I listened to all the pros and cons, and reflected on his expertise. Ultimately, it was more important that I be able to get back to as full a function as possible, even if it did take me a little longer.”

Dr. Steinberg performed a right elbow lateral epicondylectomy. Mr. Smith’s surgery was followed by a rigorous program of physical therapy provided by JOI Rehabilitation. “I was very impressed with my therapist at JOI. It’s obvious he knew exactly how far I could be pushed, and more importantly, that he was in contact with Dr. Steinberg regarding my progress. There’s no question that the surgeon and the therapist were joined together to help me in my recovery. I did exactly what they told me to do, and now I’m in great shape.”

In fact, Mr. Smith is back to golf and all of his other activities. Most importantly, he has no pain. “I always knew Dr. Steinberg was good. His reputation speaks for itself. But I am more convinced of that than now more than ever. A friend had the same condition as I, but saw another doctor. The other doctor operated on my friend, but chose to use the arthroscopic procedure. Unfortunately my friend has not had anywhere near the long-term excellent outcome that I’ve experienced. While my recovery may have been longer, it was completely worth it. I was right to trust Dr. Steinberg and his judgment and I am happy to recommend him to anyone.”

– Paul Smith